RC Tech, Robotics and Fabrication

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This course is designed to give students the opportunity to use RC and Robotics to educate themselves in the areas of mechanics, electronics, and software.
Currently students will be participating in building the Axial Dingo RC truck. During this build students will put together front and rear differential and axles, transmission, steering linkage, shocks and chassis. Once complete they will be challenged to wire in servo, battery, speed control, receiver and an LED light kit. Finished trucks will be available for purchase at cost. Trucks that are not purchased will be dissassembled in mechanic like fashion (following the manual from the back to the front) bagging components in such a way that students the following year will be able to rebuild the truck.
Students will also be challenged to build a weebly site like the one shown here http://sjsrctechdingomrc.weebly.com/
Step by step video posted by URC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq5WLfUiETs There are 5 more tutorials in the series, make sure to check them out as well.
Students that choose to focus on Robotics will have 3 choices: VEX, MOSS, and CUBULETS. All three products allow students to explore their creativity while engaging them in the fantastic and fascinating world of robotics, programing or controlling via remote or tablet.
Quadcopter will be used to complete search and rescue activities, aerial photography, forensics and concepts in flight.
3D printer will be used to fabricate parts for any students wishing to bring in broken RC's as well as designing and building quadcopters, etc.