Science 9
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Check out the different websites to get ready for an upcoming exam or to get a better understanding of the concepts discussed in class
Quest A+ This site has multiple choice questions similar to your PAT Exam. Great for studying and test taking skills.
Exam Bank Test your skills with multiple choice questions on each of the 5 units or the entire course. Username and password are available at the school.

Jot notes for end of year study

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Learn Alberta This site contains a virtual Science in Action Textbook (e-text) so you don't have to bring your book home. There are also activities and videos available through this site. Username and Password available on request.

HowStuffWorks This is a great website to learn about how things work. It's broken down into categories, or you can browse the hot topics of the day. How stuff works includes videos as well as links to more information. Find out what current issues are happening in space exploration.

Bear information forwarded from Waneeta's walk and talk hike.

Grizzly Range Data showing 3 bears that travel through the Waterton.

Check out the PREZI (Web 2.0 Presentation) on Biodiversity section 4.0

Kidwind permissions for photos form (foip)

Check out YouTube for great videos segments on all sorts of science related topics. Example: Mitosis and Meiosis animations are a great way to study!